How we can help your business.

How we can help your business.

Our products, skills & services and the benefits to you.

Sometimes it is necessary and desirable to work with other professionals and experts who have different and complimentary skill sets. You may have your own suppliers that you know and trust and have worked with before. It’s likely though that they don’t have all the skills and experience required to advise you on production, costs or market your products or company to its best advantage.

We offer the following services which can be purchased individually or combined and can help complete your design and marketing team.

For example, a common scenario is that you may have a web developer who is good at coding and SEO but lacks the ‘creative eye’. We can provide the creative element and liaise with them to produce a more effective web site. (Or, if you’d prefer, recommend another web programmer).

Or you may already use printers or graphic designers for your brochures or marketing material. There are of course many standards of designers and levels of design and you may not be sure you are getting value for money or the best advice. However, with 30 years of international brand building experience, Paul Holden can give creative direction, advice or comments on what they’ve produced to strengthen the message or improve the impact. Or you may just not be happy with your print quality – or costs – and need an expert opinion.

Do any of these apply to your company?

“I have some designs and a web site but there is ‘something missing’… ”

We can offer Creative Direction. We can review what you have and see if the message is getting across. Perhaps it’s the layout or composition or maybe it’s the headline. We can advise on simple changes which may make all the difference and create more effective communication. Your budget will go further and your brand will be recognised.

“My old material just doesn’t do my company justice. I get mixed returns and comments. I feel it needs a refresh but don’t know where to start.”

We can give your work a critique and analysis. We will look at every part of your communications and provide you with a report and suggested action plan. This will involve your logotype and corporate identity, your printed and electronic material, the messages and imagery. We will also advise on the effectiveness of your web site and if you could save money on your printing costs. It may be that we recommend a few subtle changes or that a more radical solution is proposed. Either way, you will have strong advice and information on what to do next that best meet your goal.
“I have some great marketing ideas but need someone to ‘pull it all together’. ”

Planning and strategy. If you have identified your audience and know how they react and think, then you may have some great ideas on reaching them. We can advise on what is needed to create electronic or printed marketing material and give you a plan of action with estimated costs. We will ensure the foundations are put in place so that any future communications are easier to create and you build your brand.

“I can’t seem to reach the right people and get my message across…”

As part of our process we create a brief which identifies the audience and how we’d like them to think about the product or service you offer. This is invaluable when creating the communications and marketing material. Look at our portfolio examples which show who we were targeting and the desired reaction. We can do this for you to help make your communications more effective.

“I don’t know who my audience is so I try to appeal to everyone …”

As you can’t please all of the people all of the time, you will be wasting time and money if you don’t know who your target market is. We have created a workshop which helps businesses identify their audience, how they think, how they react and what will appeal to them. We have called this workshop ‘Who do think you are talking to?’ and is for businesses who may not have a full time marketing manager. We identify the target audience, customer insights, the proposition and finish with a fun brainstorming session on potential ideas. One participant said “I have never had to think so hard before” so it’s not as easy as it sounds.

For more details of our workshop “Who do think you are talking to?”, click here.

We also offer:

Art direction. If you need new photography, we can help. Photography can be an expensive outlay and often involves models, sets, location finding or just plain good lighting! You need to make sure the images correctly match the idea and fit with the strategy. We can source a photographer or work with yours. We can plan, schedule and ‘art direct’ the shots. We can liaise with you and the photographer throughout the process as we have hundreds of days’ photography under our belts – both studio and on location. Have a look at our portfolio – a couple of the bigger projects involved many days of location photography.

Print quality. Is your print up to scratch? We can review your material and comment on the quality, suitability and obtain comparative costs if you think you’re paying too much.

Artwork. Need Word documents formatting into nicer templates? Or a catalogue laying out? We can quote on multiple pages following a template and supply as print ready or electronic formats.

Brainstorming. Are you stuck on how to market a product? Do you know your audience, have all the research but just need some fresh thinking on how to get it to market? How to launch a new Whisky in China … how to improve market share across Asia Pacific … how to launch a new clothing brand in Vietnam … what’s the best type of signage design for a new city in Malaysia … packaging for a new range of sauces in Scandinavia? These are just some of the big projects and top brands Paul Holden has worked on. Let him bring ‘big agency thinking’ to your table.

Of course, we do charge for the services above. However, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss the best options for promoting your service or product before you commit to spending a penny.

We also have strong relationships with marketing strategists and business development specialists and would be happy to recommend them if appropriate.

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