Who do you think you are talking to…?

Who do you think you are talking to…?

As you can’t please all of the people all of the time, you will be wasting time and money if you don’t know who your target market is. We have created a workshop which helps businesses identify their audience, how they think, how they react and what will appeal to them. We have called this workshop ‘Who do think you are talking to?’ and is for businesses who may not have a full time marketing manager. We identify the target audience, customer insights, the proposition and finish with a fun brainstorming session on potential ideas. One participant said “I have never had to think so hard before” so it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The workshop can be for any number of participants although the optimum number is between three and eight. Below is a typical schedule for the workshop but this can be tailored to your company’s requirements.

Workshop – Introduction. “What the big boys do” (45mins)

A brief explanation of the key element successful advertising and design companies use when producing engaging creative work when building a client’s brand.

Paul will discuss some case studies demonstrating how, by using a proper and well thought out brief, he has produced exciting and effective creative work. This will include examples from his time working at international advertising and design companies and how he uses the same principals for PRH Design.

Workshop Part One – insights and behaviour (1.5 hrs)

An interactive workshop in which participants identify who they are talking to, what makes those people tick – and what reaction they want from them. From that a proper brief will be created which summarises the ‘proposition’.

Workshop Part Two – idea generation (1.5hrs)

Using the brief developed in Part One, Paul will help participants brainstorm ideas and messaging that can be used to kick start creative concepts for promoting their brand.

Showing practical examples for inspiration, tips of the trade and case studies, Paul will show how lateral thinking can make brand communications stand out.

Workshop – summary (20 mins)

Paul will summarise the ideas generated and suggest next steps in taking them forward.

What participants can expect to learn from the workshop

How to develop a creative brief that will inspire and excite those working on your brand.

How to bring ‘customers to life’ for the creative process.

How to develop strategic ideas which will be the seed for creative ideas.

… and what they are likely to take away

A summary of who they are talking to and what effects their communication is intended to have on whom.

Practical ideas which can be developed by themselves or their creative suppliers in building their brand.

Suggestions of low cost production techniques which can be put into place straight away.

… plus two information sheets with Paul’s personal 20 tips on finding the most suitable creative company for your business and making your brand communications the most effective for your budget.

“Your talk was, as I said at the time, one of the best I have heard … because it all came from direct professional experience. We were fortunate to be able to learn from you.” Richard Graves, Marketing Director, GWS Media Limited

Have a look at a video of the introductory talk by clicking on the image below. 

The cost for the workshop starts at around £950 which includes background research and preparation and a written summary of the results. It could be exactly what your company needs to reach its audience. The workshop can take place at your offices, although it is much better to be away from distractions and therefore better at a neutral venue. Give Paul Holden a call or email if you’d like to know more about this workshop.
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