About This Project

To create an internal newsletter for the nationwide offices of this major recruitment company

Target market & behaviour / insights:
Staff within Venn Group who want to know they are being considered and appreciated. Too often managers overlook staff and fail to communicate latest staff, marketing and financial news to them – this newsletter keeps them informed.

How do we want them to feel:
The management have kept me informed and value the contribution I make to the company. There is even a photo of my new colleague in the newsletter! This is great and now I feel part of a growing team.

The proposition:
Venn Group care about all its staff.

The outcome:
We decided that a fold out newsletter would work best so that it could be fixed to the wall in staff areas such as the kitchen. It would have more impact and require fewer printed copies. Having some financially sensitive information it was also less likely to be taken away from the office.

Staff found the regular newsletters very informative and a we even produced a Christmas edition in the form of a board game.