Stand out next Valentine’s Day – or Easter Friday – or St Patrick’s Day!

Stand out next Valentine’s Day – or Easter Friday – or St Patrick’s Day!

Did you receive a card or gift this Valentine’s Day? If you did that’s great, but why not take advantage of the occasion to send a communication from your company? Easter’s just around the corner and perhaps a pertinent card or mailer could go out for a special Easter promotion or event. Or what about Diwali, St Patrick’s day or May Day? Don’t just send out Christmas cards along with everyone else – send out a happy 24th April message just for the heck of it! You’ll probably be the only one and guaranteed to be noticed.



Research has shown that design is a significant source of competitive advantage. Companies that invest in their design capability and develop a reputation for innovation can avoid competing on price alone. In the UK, 45 per cent of firms that don’t use design compete mainly on price compared to only 21 per cent of firms where design plays a significant role.

In UK businesses where design is integral to operations, 84 per cent say they’ve increased their competitiveness through design; and 79 per cent think that design’s importance to competitiveness has risen over the past decade. These trends look set to continue – a recent CBI survey showed that 55 per cent of manufacturing firms see design and development as one of their most important sources of competitive advantage in five years’ time.

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“It isn’t just how you’ve done something, it’s why.”

Whenever you’ve commissioned marketing materials, has the brief really inspired the person creating them? Did it give amazing insights into what appeals to the target market? At PRH Design we use a tried and tested briefing form which really delves into what the end user thinks and how they behave. We give this back to the client for approval before work starts and then use it as a benchmark to judge the creative by. After working in one of the largest international advertising agencies – where huge emphasis was put on predicting customer behaviour – this big thinking can be applied by Paul to small projects as well as large. Pick up some free tips on the creative briefing process by clicking here.


Definitely better late than never to redeem yourself with this great range of luxury lotions, scrubs and creams. Janet Ginnings Hair and Beauty have a fantastic range of beauty products (packaging designed by Paul Holden of course!). Patronized by top models such as Caprice and Elle McPherson, Janet Ginnings has created products from Indian formulations passed down from generation to generation. Using natural ingredients and suitably named Indian Infusion these products are guaranteed to make you or your loved one stand out!

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